Backup your conversations in Ryver or back read from the top with ease!

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Backread Easily

Start reading from the top, no lazy loading feature!

Downloadable Page

Can be saved as Webpage Complete for offline viewing or backup

No Login Required

Uses current Ryver session for authentication

Simplified Layout

Just the name, date & time and message content

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free trial?

No, but you can purchase and try it for at most 30 minutes and still have an option to cancel your order without being charged. Refer to "Cancellation and refunds" found HERE.

I only see "Price not available" in the Chrome Web Store

Google is not able to determine your local currency. Add &gl=us in the extension URL as a workaround.


I want to pay using different currency to match my debit / credit card

Add &gl={country code} to the extension URL. If the currency doesn't change, it means Google doesn't support it. Use &gl=us instead.


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